HIL’s strategic advantage lies in R&D, and our work on product upgrades, better utilisation of raw materials, development of substitute materials, new products and innovative applications. Our two centres in Faridabad and Hyderabad are the largest R&D centres of their kind in India. These centres have been instrumental in supporting our quest for continuous improvement and delivering greater value to our customers.As a result of our research, we have successfully registered 22 patents in 7 countries.
HIL is the only company in India to have a full-fledged pilot plant for fibre cement roofing sheets. This advanced R&D facility and our skilled team have enabled our pioneering efforts and helped maintain our market leadership. Our R&D facility is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India.

Innovation Cell

The key differentiator in our industry is innovation, be it in the development of new products, processes or applications. We have recently instituted an innovation cell comprising a cross-functional team to harness the creative potential of our employees and scientific innovation management practices to develop great products.