What are Aerocon AAC Blocks?

Aerocon AAC Blocks are autoclaved, aerated concrete blocks made with a mixture of cement, fly ash, lime, aluminium powder and water involving an aeration process that gives it the unique cellular structure. Autoclaving gives strength and dimensional stability to blocks.

An innovation in the industry, Aerocon AAC Blocks are the new generation in walling material, substituting conventional and environmentally unsustainable materials like clay bricks, concrete and hollow blocks.

Aerocon AAC Blocks are a product of HIL’s intensive efforts in developing green building products and are manufactured in collaboration with H+H Celcon, U.K.

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Advantages of Aerocon AAC Blocks


light weight

Light weight

easy to instal

Ease of workability


Flexible wall thickness/wide range

fire resistant

High thermal insulation


Certified Green by
IGBC & Griha

sound insulation

Good sound insulation


How are Aerocon AAC Blocks Installed?


Compare Aerocon AAC Blocks with Traditional Building Materials

Aerocon AAC Block Clay Brick Concrete Bricks
Faster Construction check cross cross
Water Resistance check cross cross
Fire Resistance check check cross
Ease of Workability check cross cross
Ease of Services(Electric/Plumbing) check cross cross
Environment friendly check cross cross
Economical check cross cross


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