Applications of Aerocon C-Boards

The versatile Aerocon C-Board has multiple application possibilities for both internal and external usage.

  • Internal: False ceiling, partitions, wall cladding, mezzanine flooring, doors, furniture, skirting, cabinet back lining
  • External: Prefab structures, wall cladding, plank cladding, structural glazing back lining, roof tiles substrate, soffit and eaves lining

For the designer look, a carefully designed green substitute to natural wood, Aerocon Techktona (scientific name for teak) is an autoclaved fiber cement board with embossed natural wooden grains that can be painted or polished for an authentic wood look.

The boards are tough and durable. They are pre-textured and thus allow for an easy and faster installation. They can be used for all interior and semi-covered exteriors of a building. The superiority of the product lies in its durability and resistance to both fire and moisture thereby offering a great maintenance free environment.


  • Aesthetically superior and versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Energy saving and eco-friendly
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • High workability
  • Resistant to fire and climatic conditions

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For aesthetic building interiors, the Aerocon plank is an autoclaved fiber cement plank that captures the beautiful look of wood. It has a truly natural wooden feel and provides durable aesthetic treatment to building exteriors.

Due to its water resistant, toughness and general ability for wear and tear, the Aerocon plank is the perfect external siding option.

Available in:
8mm and 10mm

150mm * 2440mm
200mm * 2440mm


  • Enhanced product life
  • Termite resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Improved sense of aesthetics
  • Fire resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Pre-painted ensuring faster construction

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For a natural wooden feel, Aerocon skirting is an autoclaved cement plank that captures the natural beauty of wood. It is a suitable option for both contemporary and classical designs as it is available in both profiles.

More durable and water resistant than other market options, the Aerocon skirting also has the added advantage of being environment friendly.

Available in:
12mm * 100mm *3000mm
12mm* 200mm * 2440mm


  • Water resistant
  • Tough
  • Great ability to resist wear and tear

  • Captures the look and feel of wood
  • Perfect replacement for wooden skirt or pre-laminated wood
  • Environment friendly

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