What are Aerocon C Boards?

Aerocon C-boards are non-asbestos and non-polluting boards that are a perfect replacement for plywood. They are made from a special mix of cellulose fibre, cement and fire resistant fillers using a hydro thermal hi-pressure curing process.

The Aerocon C-boards have proved to be a boon to architects, giving them the space to explore multiple design possibilities. They are usable in almost all interior and semi-covered exteriors of a building.


Advantages of Aerocon C- Boards


 Availability in multiple sizes


 Flexibility in design

saves time

 Pre-painted ensuring faster construction

fire resistant

 High resistance to fire and heat

water resistant

 High resistance to moisture and corrosion

sound insulation

 High resistance to sound

termite resistant

 High resistance to termites


 Non asbestos, non polluting


 Certified green product



How are Aerocon C-Boards Installed?


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