The next generation in walling material

An excellent substitute for clay bricks, concrete and hollow blocks.
Saves up to 30% construction time in building internal and external walls, slabs and more.

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Lightweight panels for fast-track construction.

An ideal replacement for plywood, plasterboard, particle board and brick walls.
Used for building partitions, pre-fabricated structures, mezzanine floors, and more.

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The magical replacement for plywood

The versatile C-Board has multiple applications for internal and external building design.
Use it to explore design possibilities of cladding, ceiling, skirting, doors, furniture and beyond.

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International quality with True Fit technology for leak-proof joints  

Aerocon CPVC and uPVC pipes, fittings and solvents are suitable for a broad range of applications thanks to their unique characteristics.

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A tough, durable and great value for money solution for internal and external application

The result of extensive R&D efforts and in-depth understanding of customer needs, Aerocon Flex-O-Board undergoes a high pressure steam-curing process

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Breath taking beautiful tiles which promise unmatched durability under the toughest conditions

Aerocon, the premier provider of building material solutions, now launches its range of Premium Polished Vitrified Tiles.

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The high grade interior ceiling material offers a number of cutting edge advantages

Ceilings are no longer just functional aspects of interiors. They are today essential a key element in interior design, playing a major role in enhancing aesthetics, increasing safety, reducing ambient noise and, yes, even cutting costs!

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Thinner joints for stronger walls

Create stronger walls with “Aerocon Smartfix,” the superior water resistant cement based mortar joint.

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The finest coating your walls can wear

Specially developed to protect walls and ensure the colours come alive, Aerocon SmartPutty is an innovative blend of white cement, polymers and minerals.

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