Chemical Resistance

Aerocon’s UPVC products have the ability to resist attack from a wide range of chemicals that are corrosive to metallic piping. However, they can be damaged if they come in contact with chemicals found in some construction and ancillary products, like thread sealants, anti-freeze solutions, fire-stop materials etc. It is important to verify the compatibility of materials that come in contact with the UPVC products, prior to their use, to ensure flawless long-term performance.

Take a look at the chart for a detailed analysis of UPVC’s chemical resistance capabilities and limitations:

UPVC Table_1
UPVC Table_2

UPVC Table_3

UPVC Table_4

UPVC Table_5

UPVC Table_6

UPVC Table_7

UPVC Table_8

UPVC Table_9
UPVC Table_10
UPVC Table_11
UPVC Table_12