About Us

HIL Limited is one of India's most respected names in the Building Solution Industry. HIL is a pioneer of

eco-friendly building materials, producing durable roofing solutions, Cement Sandwich Panels, walling blocks, plywood substitutes, high-quality pipes and fittings, industrial insulation and flooring solutions.

Our Solution

  • HIL provides a comprehensive range of eco-conscious future-ready products that are designed to take the Indian roofing and building industry ahead by ages. From walling and cladding to plumbing, our solutions are ahead of time and competition, as well as economic.

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    Dhirup Roy Choudhary

    CEO & Managing Director
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    Vaman Rao

    Independent Director
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    Yash Paul

    Independent Director
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    Deepak Khetrapal

    Non-executive Director
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    Gauri Rasgotra

    Independent Director
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    Human Capital

  • With over 3,950 employees. We at HIL care for our talent. We ensure a good work-place where everyone is treated equally and with respect. We constantly strive to inspire, empower and engage our team members helping put their best foot forward.