Birla Aerocon

Birla Aerocon is One Stop Solution for all your Building needs of modern construction.Birla Aerocon green building line comprises of Walling & Plumbing solution. The Solution portfolio primarily includes AAC Blocks & Dry mix Products in Wet Walling, Sandwich cement panels, boards & jointing compound in Dry Walling, CPVC, UPVC, column, pressure and SWR pipes & fittings in plumbing solutions.

Wet Walling

The Wet Walling solution from Birla Aerocon includes Durable Load Bearing and Energy Saving Construction materials that require curing thus providing cost efficient and Eco-friendly walling solutions.

Dry Walling

The Dry Walling solution from Birla Aerocon include pre-cured, high-performance, light-weight, easy and ready-to-install walling solutions


Birla Aerocon has a wide range of plumbing solutions including CPVC, UPVC, SWR, Pressure and Column Pipes and fittings ideal for household , industrial and commercial applications producing eco friendly, anti-microbial, cost effective and suitable for carrying drinking water.