Birla Aerocon SmartBond Panel Jointing System



Interiors with a touch of class begin with a flush, seamless panel system that offers the perfect surface for any kind of finish. To ensure this, the joints between panels need to be covered and reinforced for smooth, structurally strong walls and ceilings.
Aerocon provides the right solution with SmartBond Panel Jointing System. An innovation in the world of adhesives, it is specially developed to meet tight construction time lines, keep costs under control and maintain world class quality standards.

Key Features
  • Crack Resistant

  • Free From Chalking & Flaking

  • No Shrinkage

  • Excellent Workability

SmartBond Panel Jointing System

Key Benefits

Value for Money

Aerocon SmartBond cuts down cost to a great extent as it is a zero maintenence, lifelong crack-free solution that does not require any expenditure on repeat work.

Outstanding aesthetics

Aerocon SmartBond provides Level-5 finish for ultra-smooth surfaces that allow interiors to stand-out in vibrant colours. Moreover, it adds years to the life of paint, ensuring lower incidence of re-painting

Excellent Versatility

Aerocon SmartBond can be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces, even overhead, without sagging. Tough enough to successfully take on any climatic challenge. It finds extensive usage in both interiors as well as exteriors. Designed for trouble-free application.


Extremely eco-friendly, Aerocon SmartBond helps considerably reduce the carbon footprint as it is cement-free. Being VOC-free, it does not affect the environment or workmen’s health.


Aerocon SmartBond is non-toxic, odour-free and non-flammable during storage. Even when disposed off, it does not contaminate the soil with hazardous chemicals as it is completely bio-degradable.