upvc pipes & fittings in Hyderabad



Aerocon’s CPVC pipes and fittings are an eco-friendly, aesthetic alternative to the widely used GI pipes. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic produced by the chlorination of the PVC resin. CPVC’s resistance to corrosion at elevated temperatures, up to 93°C (200°F), makes it ideal for both hot and cold water applications.

Key Features and Benefits

Cost effective and easy to install

  • Are lightweight and cost effective, with low maintenance, labour and shipping costs.

  • No electric/heat source is required for installation.

  • A simple cutter, chamfering tool and CPVC solvent are the only requirements for 100% leak – proof jointing.

Resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion

  • Do not break down under the harshest of water and service conditions.

  • Can be buried directly under concrete slabs as they don’t react with concrete.

Smooth Internal Surface

  • Absence of scaling, pitting and leaching ensures smooth and full bore flow, with no water pressure loss and noise.


  • Are self-insulating with lower thermal conductivity.

  • Built for tough conditions with minimum offsets/ looping.

Fire Resistant

  • They come with an integral flame-retarding property, with a very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60, and thus, cannot support or sustain combustion.


  • They retard microbial growth and are also suitable for aggressive water with pH levels of less than 6.5.

Suitable for carrying drinking water

  • Are of food grade (heavy metal free), supported by certificates from CFTRI, CIPET and RoHs (TUV).

Perfect for external use

  • Can be installed outside the building and can withstand temperature up to 60 C.

  • Are made of UV-resistant materials, ensuring that they do not lose their mechanical properties even under greater exposure to sunlight.

cpvc pipes & fittings in Hyderabad


CPVC applications include water supply pipes, water-based heat transfer systems, and sprinkler systems and drain lines, in both commercial and residential buildings.

The choice of piping systems for water utilities is based on overall long term value. The pipes and fittings must deliver on factors like long term costs, reliability, versatility, environmental effect, drinking water safety and public health.

Aerocon’s CPVC Pipes and Fitting systems are the ideal choice, because they are corrosion resistant, durable, smooth, friction free, resistant to bacterial growth and environment friendly. The True FiT® technology ensures they are 100% leak proof and keep the health of your walls for a long time.