AAC Block manufacturers in india

AAC Blocks

AAC Block- Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks

AAC Blocks are strong, superlight, non-combustible green building material resistant to termites, rodents, pests and fungal growth.

Key Features
  • Superior Acoustic Insulation

  • Energy Savings up to 15% – 20%

  • State – of – the – art German Technology

  • Reduced Structural Cost

  • 100% Termite & Mold – Resistant

Discover the new age construction material

  • Manufactured using Fly Ash, Cement, Lime & Aeration agent .

  • Product conforms to IS 2185 Part-3.

  • Excellent substitute for clay bricks and hollow/solid concrete blocks.

  • Green building Product

Why use Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks?

Energy saving and eco-friendly: helps reduce carbon footprint

  • Manufactured from recycled material with zero wastage.

  • Quicken up construction up to 30%.

Dimensionally accurate & easy workability

  • Factory finished with superb surface finish; easily accepts renders & plasters.

  • Use of standard tools to cut, saw, chisel, drill & shape.

Unmatched properties

  • Super lightweight; 1/3rd the density of clay bricks.

  • Non-combustible with superior fire resistance.

  • Exceptional thermal & acoustic insulation.

  • No cavity construction; eliminates termites, rodents, pests & fungal growth.

Guaranteed savings*

  • Reduces foundation load of the building up to 30%.

  • Reduces power consumption by 27%.

  • Steel & Cement savings by 18% & 12% respectively

Towards a Green Future with Aerocon AAC Block

Birla Aerocon is india’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks: an amazingly innovative & green building material.

What makes it superior is its incredible lightweight and insulation properties. About 1/3rd the density of clay brick, these can be laid much quicker, saving time and building costs.

Being more resilient to damage helps reduce wastage during Transportation.

These blocks offer effective & practical solutions for the current building regulations and are manufactured using the latest technologies at India’s most advanced AAC facilities located in Chennai, Golan, Jhajjar and Hyderabad.

Construction using Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks boost up the project by ensuring at least 6-7 LEED Green building certification points.