Calcium Silicate Block Manufacturers

HYSIL – Calcium Silicate Insulation

HYSIL, a revolutionary brand in green industrial insulation, is a pre-formed, high temperature, abuse-resistant pipe and block insulation with exceptional structural strength. Composed of Hydrous Calcium Silicate (Calsil), it is designed for use on systems operating up to 1100°C. It is inorganic, non-combustible, eco-friendly and meets the physical and thermal property requirements of ASTM – C – 533, BS- 3958 PART II. HYSIL has a manufacturing facility in Dharuhera, Haryana, India. Unlike other insulation materials, HYSIL has a good flexural strength and water absorbent characteristics.

Integral to HYSIL is a distinctive formula and process that inhibits corrosion on the outside surfaces of pipe and equipment.

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