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Corporate Announcements & Material Events

Submission of Accounts Q2 & Q3 Standalone / Q4 Consolidated

NSE Clarification

Press Release

Evoting Intimation

Board Meeting outcome

Stock Exchange Intimation – AGM dates

Credit Ratings (ICRA) 14.06.2018

Duplicate Share Certificate 11.06.2018

Duplicate Share Certificate 19.06.2018

Intimation of standalone Accounts for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Annual Accounts for Q4 (Whole Year) 19.06.2018

HIL bags “India’s best company of the year , 2017 and India’s most trusted brand of the year 2017

TPM Execellence Award 22.03.2018

Duplicate share certificate 22.03.2018

AAC Blocks at Jhajjar 06.01.2015

AAC Blocks Commencement of Operations at Golan 26.11.2013

AAC Blocks Plant at Timmapur 03.11.2015

Acquition of Sahres 10.04.2017

Acquition of Shares 03.08.2015

Acquition of shares 11.01.2018

Adoption of code of conduct 18.05.2015

AGM Bookclosure intimation 04.06.2015

APP Plant at Timmapur 02.03.2015

Appointment of MD Mr. Prashant Vishnu Vatkar 20.04.2015

Appointment of MD Mr. Dhirup Roy Choudhary 06.02.2017

Appointment of Mr. Yashpaul as Non rotational Director

Authorizing KMP for Material Events 10.12.2015

Birla Aerocon at Faridabad Plant 20.02.2018

Charminar Fortune at Kondapalli Plant 22.12.2017

Colour coated steel sheets Charminar at Balasore 30.03.2017

Coloured Steel sheets at Wada 08.07.2015

Commissioning 2.5MW Wind Power Project in Rajasthan 09.05.2011

Company sheeting at wada 20.12.2013

Credit Rating 25.07.2017

Credit Rating 30.12.2015

Declaration of Interim Dividend 04.02.2016

DRY MIX Plant at Jhajjar 16.01.2017

Duplicate share certificate 03.01.2018

Duplicate share certificate 17.10.2017

Duplicate share certificate 18.12.2017

Duplicate share certificate 19.09.2017

Duplicate share certificate 21.04.2017

Duplicate share certificate 23.08.2017

Duplicate share certificate 27.07.2017

Duplicate share certificate 28.03.2017

Duplicate share certificate 09.02.2017

Evoting in relation to 69th AGM 18.07.2016

Evoting Results 28.07.2016

Fibre Cement Sheet Plant at Somnathpur 16.09.2008

Grant options Mr. DHIRUP ROY CHOUDHARY 28.07.2017

Resignation of CS 30.07.2015

Result of Postal Ballot waiver of excess remuneration paid to MD 30.08.2014

Scrutinizer Report 28.07.2016

Sheeting Manufacturing at Wada 20.12.2013

Supercor Industries 16.06.2017

Supercor Industries 22.03.2017

SWR Pressure Pipe project completion certificate FBD 19.02.2018